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Verde Cru

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                                                          Fruity Green CRU
                                                          Cv Coratina

Product's origin (region, production characteristics, etc..) :
Andria - BT (Barletta-Andria-Trani) - Apulia - Italy
Location of production typical of the cultivar Coratina
Andria is known as the capital of the world or coratina (locally named Racioppa).
Product Features: Monocultivar coratina in purity, harvested by hand at the beginning of ripening in late October and early November. Fruity scent with a sensation reminiscent of tomato, chicory and herbs.
Taste qualities:  spicy and bitter taste, with notes of artichoke and chicory.
Working Process: The green fruit has a very angular, cold worked around the clock, at room temperature between 23 ° and 25 ° in order to preserve their wealth as phenolic polyphenols, tocofenoli, omega3, vitamins or elements of anti-oxidants principles.
Recommended Pairings: Ideal as a condiment on meat and fish dishes, vegetable soup, pasta and broccoli rabe (typical cuisine of Puglia), tomato ratlines.
Conservation methods: In the dark, away from heat sources. Ideal temperature between 12 ° and 19 °, should not exceed 26 °

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Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Fruttato Verde CRU  

Awards and Recognitions Extravergin Oil  Fruttato Verde CRU

Bottle of 10 cl € 4.40
Bottle of 25 cl € 9.90
Bottle of 50 cl € 19.50
Can the 3 liter € 48.00

Prices do not include VAT. List updated in August 2015.
Transportation costs shall be borne by the purchaser.
To order now send mail to attaching the following Order Form, once saved on your PC.
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